GasPyc Ge

Gas pycnometer

The number of technological fields and industries that depend on density determination of powders and irregularly shaped porous solids is extensive, including ceramics, mineralogy, geology, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, pigments, building materials, foams, plastics, abrasives and catalysts. Gas pycnometer measures the true volume and density of solid powders using an inert pure gas, such as helium or nitrogen.

    • Fast analysis

    • easy analysis

    • non-destructive analysis

    • Accurate results

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    • reproducible results

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  • made in Iran
Type 2Type 1 
pure (99.99%) N2 or Hepure (99.99%) N2 or HeWorking gas
all irregularly shaped solids and powders (except those with deformable particles)all irregularly shaped solids and powders (except those with deformable particles)Sample materials
5 – 50 cc (upon request)5 – 50 cc (upon request)Sample chamber capacity
continuous flow and vacuumcontinuous flow and vacuumGas purging method
-1 to 2 barg-1 to 2 barg Range of working pressure
0.001 – 0.00001 bar (upon request)0.001 – 0.00001 bar (upon request)Pressure resolution range
up to 10 minup to 10 minTest duration
up to 0.05%up to 0.2%Typical accuracy
is included (upon request)not includedTemperature control
data transfer to computernot includedData acquisition
automatic/touchpad controlmanual valvesControlling method
automaticmanualCalibration process